About Us

We want to provide a caring and happy environment where your children will feel both special and secure. All our activities are organised to provide constructive play and learning situations in order to advance the education of the children in our care. Children learn more skills in their first 5 years than at any other time in their lives, and we want to nurture these developments. Each child is unique and progresses at his/her own rate and we encourage this through our small group structured activities. We want every child to feel valued and increasingly confident as they begin their school life with us.

The Sports Pavilion is a new building and we are lucky enough to have our own area within it. This is made up of a light airy classroom which can be divided when we want to work in smaller groups. We have our own entrance and hallway where the children hang their coats and where the staff welcome them each day. We also use the clubroom as an extra classroom and indoor play area for when the English weather conspires against us! The modern kitchen enables us to prepare the children’s snack, as well as allowing the children to cook cakes, biscuits etc. which they take home with them.

The Nursery is part of a large site which offers us many play and learning opportunities.We try to make the most of this wonderful outdoor space, and therefore at every chance we go outside to play and learn. There is an age appropriate playground, open grassy areas for free play as well as footpaths around the site perimeter enabling us to explore our environment. The children, therefore, have an enormous variety of experiences which will undoubtedly add to their life skills.
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