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AutumnTerm 2018=Minibeasts

Week commencing 3rd September.

It was lovely to see everyone after the long summer and to begin to get to know our new children. Everyone had lots to tell us and share with their friends.So we spent the week thinking back to the summer and hoping the sunshine lasts for a few more weeks.

Week commencing 10th September.
We started our topic this week and so it was Caterpillar week The children loved the story of The Hungry Caterpillar as well as the story of The Crunching Munching Caterpillar. Caterpillars were made of pompoms, fingerprints, printing with cotton reels,,,,,,,,,,,and they all looked fantastic. We also started remembering some of our sounds,shapes and numbers too.

Week commencing 17th September.
We have lots of fun in Butterfly week! The children stuck little coloured squares onto their wings and had a lovely time discussing colours and spreading glue everywhere! As the weather has been so nice we kept a look out for butterflies when we were outside playing ...but no luck,though some were seen when the children went home and started to look there .Butterflies made using hand prints look lovely and bright on the classroom door. The lovely sunny days have meant we could be outside a great deal and could make use of the new balls and hoops the leavers last term gave to the school.

Week commencing 24th September.
Bright ladybirds are so useful for many things........counting spots, printing body shapes with apples amd adding spots, going out with magnifying glasses to hunt for them in the grass. We read stories about The Ladybug Girl and What the Ladybird Heard and everyone knows red and black now! We've been doing songs in circle time and instruments too. As it has been another sunny week we have been outside playing and climbing in the playground.

Week commencing 1st October.
We thought about bees this week. we coloured them, we counted stripes on them, we chatted about the delicious honey they make, but also remembered they can sting!! The weather continued to allow us to be outside in the playground and enjoying the open space we have. The children love to  play with footballs and hoops .....the favourites at the moment.

Week commencing 8th October.
This week ant and beetles were on our minds. We have been out with magnifying glasses to search for ants and beetles in the grass.....we were  lucky enough to find both. One of our stories told about clever ants who put a star back in the sky because they worked as a team.The children then thought about what they could do to help each other while at school.They came up with some lovely ideas.......sharing toys, helping the teachers and helping the younger children were some of their thoughts.

Week commencing 15th October.
We were only at school for the start of the week as half term started on Wednesday. Even so there was time to go out collecting leaves to see all the autumn colours and then take them back into school and turn them into beetles! The children used circle shapes to make ants and then counted the right number of legs that they needed. Everyone was looking forward to half term and there was lots of excitement at the prospect of bonfires and fireworks.

Week commencing 22nd October. 
                                                                                  Half term.

Week commencing 29th October.
There was SO much chat about Halloween and the children loved turning the pumpkin into a face with a light inside......they weren't keen to scope out the middle,so Emma had to do it! There were pumpkin and ghost faces made by apple printing, spiders in their webs, lots of words that begin with sssssssssssssss and the favourites were spider and sausage!! The younger children made spiders with wiggly eyes and made sure each one had all 8 legs. Everyone enjoyed trick or treating in the dark and getting lots of treats and no tricks!!

Week commencing 5th November.
The fun of fireworks, their colour , their noise... once again meant our circle times were full of stories and explanations of what had been seen and what had been heard. Not everyone had liked them but that didn't stop all the children going home with a colourful rocket they had made.
Our week ended on a more reflective note with poppies and a poem and talk of brave soldiers. 

Summer Term 2018- Under the Sea

Week commencing 25th June

The children now know most of their poems off by heart and are singing with wonderful enthusiasm!  Not long until the Summer Concert- hurray!  The Hippos had fun planting in the sunshine.

Week commencing 18th June- swimming, diving, snorkelling
It has been great fun doing lots of water and sand play in the glorious weather!    We have loved reading more Under the Sea stories.  The Ducks have been extremely creative, making amazing little divers, with flippers and masks, out of card!

Week commencing 11th June- Jellyfish and Octopus
It's been a jiggly jellyfish week, full of art and crafts, and sunny outside playtime!  We have also started rehearsing The Treasure Hunt, our summer concert, which is very exciting!  We are learning songs, poems and actions!

Week commencing 4th June- Shipwrecks, Anchors and Treasure
We have explored the bottom of the sea through stories, creative play and dressing up, and craft activities.  Some of the children found a treasure map lying on the table and went on an exciting hunt outside.  They eventually found lots of beautiful jewellery hidden in a treasure chest in the car park!!  Everyone enjoyed decorating treaure chests and creating collages with boats and anchors.

Week commencing 28th May- HALF TERM

Week commencing 21st May- Tropical Fish
This was a fun-filled, colourful week!  We made a tropical fish tank, filled with brightly-coloured fish.  Everyone chose their favourite shaped fish and painted it in lots of different colours.  We also decorated fish with crepe paper and all helped create a tropical fish for the classroom wall. 

Week commencing 14th May- Plastic and The Royal Wedding
We chatted about the problems with littering in the sea and decided that we will always try to put rubbish in the bin!  We want to protect all the amazing creatures in the ocean.  We fully embraced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, and dressed up in celebration!  The children made a life-size bride and groom,  created a huge 5-tiered wedding cake (out of cardboard) and decorated beautiful golden crowns! 

Week commencing 7th May- Seahorses and Starfish
We all really enjoyed our seahorses and starfish week.  Catherine brought in a beautiful starfish for us all to hold.  We  have done lots of fun art and craft activities and played outside in the sunshine!  We also had a busy Circle Time all about shapes.

Week commencing 30th April- Whales and Sharks
It has been a fun-filled week of stories, songs and activities about whales and sharks.  We loved Lotty's book, Shark in the Dark, and Nicky's book The Snail and the Whale.  Emma kindly brought in tadpoles from the pond in her village and we are watching them swim around, and patiently waiting for them to grow!  Emilia brought in The Teeny Weeny Tadpole to readWe have loved our counting activities this week, especially using the hoops, small wooden blocks and beanbags outside!

Week commencing 23rd April- Sand, seaweed and shells
We have had a great week looking at (and counting) lots of beautiful shells, sieving through sand to find hidden treasures and creating wonderful sea pictures.  We learnt a song about the Deep Blue Sea and spent lots of time outside too.  We finished the week with a fun cooking activitiy, making delicious fruit kebabs!

Week commencing 16th April- Our holidays
We welcomed new children at the start of term and all enjoyed sharing our Easter holiday news during Circle Time.  It is very exciting to have some much anticipated sunshine this week, so we have been learning and playing outside.  The Dragons and Hippos drew numbers on the path in chalk, and then counted out colourful blocks to match the numbers.  The Ducks and Tadpoles did lots of painting and colouring.  Everyone loved playing with the purple sand too!

Spring Term 2018- Colours

Week commencing 12th March- Rainbow

Rainbow week was the last week of our colour topic and it was a lot of fun!  Several children came into school in fantastic rainbow-coloured outfits!  We created rainbow crafts and baked delicious fairy cakes with rainbow coloured sprinkles on them!  Friday was a very special day as we invited the Dads in to make Easter crafts with us.  We were also joined by some mums, nannies and grandparents!

Week commencing 5th March- Yellow
We felt very Spring-like during yellow week, thinking about daffodils and the sunshine!  The children enjoyed lots of cutting and sticking activities, tasting yellow foods and running around in the slightly warmer weather!  We had great fun on Friday, dressing up for World Book Day and reading lots and lots of our favourite books!

Week commencing 26th February- Pink
We made all sorts of pink animals this week...from pigs on the farm to flamingoes to pink jelly fish in the sea!

Week commencing 19th February- Brown and Chinese New Year 
We started the second half of term thinking about the colour brown; we read books about brown bears and ate chocolate buttons, created sizzling sausage pictures and hedgehog paintings, sang lots of songs and planted potatoes!

Week commencing- 5th February- Red
Red week was full of fun activities, including making red jelly, creating red apple collages, red ladybird paper plates and lots of Valentines crafts!

Week commencing 29th January- Black and White
We looked at lots of different animals this week.  The Hippos made wonderful penguin pictures, the Ducks made cow masks, the Tadpoles made fluffy sheep and black bugs,  and the Dragons made spider pictures.   The Hippos also spent time outside practising writing their numbers, on the paths, in chalk.

Week commencing 22nd January- Orange
We continued to eat well during Orange Week, with carrots, satsumas, apricot tarts and orange jelly on the menu!  The Ducks and Tadpoles made goldfish pictures and printed with oranges.  The Dragons cut out and painted carrot pictures.  They counted out 7 carrots and practised writing number 7's.

Week commencing 15th January- Green
Green week has been a yummy week, as we all tried lots of different green foods! During our cookery session, we made green cars out of celery, cucumber, grapes and kiwi!  We looked at our beautiful green surroundings outside, and played on the green grass, even though it was very cold!  We planted cress seeds, did printing with green apples, painted green turtles and frogs and read about Jack and the Beanstalk.  Its been a busy, fun week!

Week commencing 8th January- Blue
We are all enjoying our new topic, Colours, and spent our first week back focussing on the colour BLUE.  The children read lots of wonderful stories, including Dog Blue, and decorated blue pictures with paint, feathers and foam!  The Tadpoles made blue collages, the Ducks made blue pom poms for their wooly winter hats, the Dragons painted big blue whales and the Hippos created beautiful Under the Sea pictures.  We ran around outside and chased a blue frisbee too!

Autumn Term 2017- Woodlands

Week commencing 4th December- Christmas and Nativity

We had a fantastic morning with lots of mums, and a few dads, making a variety of Christmas Crafts together.  It really got everyone in the Christmas spirit!
The children have also been busy making additional Christmas crafts secretly, which will be gifts for their families at the end of term!  The staff are very proud of the children's efforts during the Nativity rehearsals, and everyone is excited about the dress rehearsal and real performance next week!

Week commencing 27th November- Christmas Craft, including Mums Craft Morning
Lots of the children have been practising their sounds, this week thinking of words starting with 'h', writing the letter 'h' and completing craft activities such as 'Happy Hand' prints.  Nativity rehearsals are continuing and the children are concentrating well!  Everyone is excited to have a special Friday treat; the Mums coming in to do Christmas art and craft activities!

Week commencing 20th November- Winter Craft and Nativity 
This week, we have had a lot of fun transforming an old cardboard box into a snowy, winter house!  The children were very good at taking turns to play in it!
It's that time of year again.....Nativity practises have begun and everyone is listening well and learning the words and songs!

Week commencing 13th November-  Hibernation and Children in Need
Everyone has really enjoyed finding out about hibernation, as winter time approaches.  We have also spend some time this week learning about Children in Need and Pudsey Bear.  We have made colourful Pudsey pictures, decorated cupcakes with colourful spots and dressed up in spotty clothes!

Week commencing 6th November- Noctural Animals and Hibernation
We have learnt all about animals who sleep during the day and come out at night.  The children loved reading about Owls on the Ipad.  Everyone painted nocturnal animal pictures to put up on the wall.  We have also remembered brave soldiers and made poppies for Rememberance Day.

Week commencing 30th October- Halloween and Bonfire Night
Its been a busy week practising our numbers and learning new sounds.  We have enjoyed getting creative with spooky Halloween art and colourful firework pictures!

Week commencing 16th October- Woodland Walk and Half Term
Everyone had fun making woodland bookmarks and reading lots of books about woodland animals, as we prepared for our first Little Crickets school trip!  The day of the trip was a bit of a drizzly one, but all the children and staff were excited to get there!  It was so much fun hunting for woodland treasure (we found acorns, pine cones, conkers, feathers, colourful leaves) and spotting the animal pictures around the woods.  We saw hedgehog gates and doormouse homes, but we reckon most of the woodland animals were hiding from us!  We ended with a woodland snack; delicious hedgehog-shaped biscuits cooked by Nicky!

Week commencing 9th October- Woodland Walk
We have spent some time this week preparing for our first Nursery School trip to a nearby Woodland, which will happen one morning next week.  We are all very excited to explore and discover woodland 'treasure' and have a woodland snack!  We have loved playing outside on the sunnier days this week and have been imaginative with the guttering, making long slides for the balls to roll down!  The children have also practised their numbers from 1 to 4.  

Week commencing 2nd October- Mushrooms
We have continued to look at foods that grow in the woods this week, and focussed our activities around MUSHROOMS!  The children painted with mushrooms, made some fantastic mushroom pictures and collages and we even studied mushrooms that Tor brought in from home!

Week commencing 25th September- Autumn fruits and nuts
It has been a busy week here whilst we collected lots of conkers, acorns and walnuts.  The Tadpoles then experimented to see if they would float or sink.  The children enjoyed counting;  the Dragons worked hard on the number 3 and the Hippos looked at the number 2.  Tor even painted the children's feet when they were learning about pairs!

Week commencing 18th September- Squirrels and Acorns
The children loved spending time outside at the beginning of the week.  They hunted for acorns and planted their findings in pots.  We will wait and see if they grow into Oak trees!  We read stories about squirrels, looked at pictures of them and created some collages too.

Week commencing 11th September- Blackberries and Rosehips
We have spent a lot of time outside foraging for woodland berries in our beautiful setting.  The children loved painting with blackberry juice, using bubble wrap to create blackberry prints and studying the insides of rosehips and sloes.  

Week commencing 4th September- Settling In/ Holiday News
The children have come back to school full of enthusiasm for a new term and full of wonderful summer holiday news.  It has been great to welcome new children and their families into the Little Crickets community.  We are excited to start a new topic, Woodlands, this term and hope the weather will be kind to us so that we can fully utilise the wonderful outdoor space that we have.

Summer Term 2017- ALPHABET

Week commencing 29th May- HALF TERM
We hope everyone had a lovely Half Term break.  

Week commencing 22nd May-  Ladder Letters- l, t

There has been a lot of Number work going on this week: the Hippos counted ladybirds and their spots whilst the Dragons starting adding numbers, using cubes, toy dinosaurs and other objects to help them.  The children enjoyed making fantastic traffic light and tractor collages, as well as printing with lemons and creating tree and ladder pictures!  We have all loved the sunny weather and made the most of being outside too!

Week commencing 15th May- Curly Caterpillar Letters- e, f

The children have had a fun week looking at the final Curly Caterpillar letters, e and f.  There were lots of elephant paintings being created, using finger printing.  We also made and decorated beautiful fans!


Week commencing 8th May- Curly Caterpillar Letters- d, g

Our week started with great excitement as Emma brought in Tadpoles from her village pond!  We found out that they like eating spinach!  There was a lot of outside learning this week.  The Hippos had fun finding different sounds on a windy washing line.  The Dragons were counting whilst doing sports, such as kicking footballs and doing star jumps!  The Tadpoles make fantastic tadpole paintings and the Frogs loved their floating and sinking activity, using 'd' for ducks.  Lots of children also made a 'g' for grass collage.

Week commencing 2nd May- Curly Caterpillar Letters- a, c, o

It has been a busy four days, looking at our Curly Caterpillar letters.  We have read lots of books, sorted objects by their first sound, practised writing a, c and o and counted too!  Lots of the children completed fun caterpillar crafts.  This week's cooking activity was making healthy, delicious wraps!  The children have been busy outside too, enjoying walks along the footpaths, playing in the playground and running around with the toys on the grass.


Week commencing 25th April

Welcome back to Little Crickets!  We are excited to start our new topic, The Alphabet.  We are going to look at different letters each week, grouping them by how they look- the Curly Caterpillars, Ladder Letters, One Arm Robots and Zigzag Monsters!  We are starting with a Curly Caterpillar letter, 's' (for Summer!), incorporating many areas of our learning: art and craft, number work, reading books, role play and cooking! 

Spring Term 2017- BOOKS

Week commencing 13th February- Love...Valentine's Day

It has been a busy week thinking about LOVE!  We have read so many stories about Love, discussed who we love and made lots of wonderful Valentine's creations to share with loved ones!

Week commencing 6th February- Poetry

It's fun reading, and sharing, all sorts of poems!  We have spotted rhyming words and practised our favourite nursery rhymes.  We have also had a great time outside this week!

Week commencing 30th January- Chinese New Year- Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We have really enjoyed celebrating the start of the Year of the Rooster.  We tried using chopsticks, which was very tricky and rather fun, and also did plenty of creative crafts. 

Week commencing 23rd January- Space

Space week was filled with plenty of exciting stories, including Aliens in Underpants.  The children loved making colourful, glittery rockets and funny-looking aliens.  We all enjoyed learning a poem called "Zoom Zoom Zoom,We're Going to the Moon!"

Week commencing 16th January- Winter

It has been a lot of fun at Little Crickets this week, reading wintery stories and make P for Penguins picture, snowy igloos and snowmen art.  The weather has also been suitably wintry and, as always, we have had a lot of fun outside!

Week commencing 9th January- Zog (dragons and mythical creatures)

The children have loved reading the Julia Donaldson book, Zog.  They have completed lots of fun activities linked to dragons!  A highlight of the week was obviously the SNOW!  We are so lucky to have a large grassy area where we can all run around and stomp in the snow!

Week commencing 2nd January- Settling In

It is exciting to be back for a new term and new year.  We are welcoming some new families and starting a new topic, BOOKS!  We have managed to play outside most days, despite the cold wet weather, and have enjoyed reading lots of books and dressing up in the role play area.

Autumn Term 2016 - Colours

Week commencing 31st October-Halloween and Fireworks

Everyone came back to school full of firework displays they had been to over half term or were going to during the week. There was a lot of excitement about going trick or treating. To get in the mood we made bats,witches hats, a big box was made into a bat cave.Then the glitter came out for firework pictures, rockets were made, songs and poems were read and stories found and enjoyed like the Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.In amongst all this creative work we have been outside a great deal enjoying the playground and the mild weather..

Week commencing 17th October- Pink Week

We only had half a week for pink as we started half term on the Wednesday........but that did not stop us having lots of pink activities. The Tadpoles made beautiful flamingos.Everyone used tissue paper and sticky bits to decorate our pretend cupcakes but then we ate cupcakes for snack as a treat to celebrate half term! The children saw that mixing red and white paint makes a lovely pink. They used the pink to paint some gorgeous pictures to take home.

Week commencing 10th October- Orange Week

The children had so much fun this week! They rolled pumpkins, cut out pumpkin faces, played football with pumpkins, counted with pumpkins. We read the story of Bright Stanley,a fish who was sparkly orange and the children coloured beautiful pictures and added glitter and sequins and other shiny things.We also ate orange carrots for snack that the Hippo group had peeled for us.

Week commencing 3rd October -  Yellow Week

The Tadpoles sliced and tasted delicious bannanas and set them in yellow jelly. The Hippos cut up cooked spaghetti and made pretty pictures with it and others looked at pictures of giraffes on the ipad.  They saw that the giraffes liked to eat the leaves from the top of the tall trees.  They then painted lovely pictures of giraffes and sunshine!

Week commencing 26th September - Green Week

The children at Little Crickets have enjoyed playing in the sunshine this week with lots of outside activites.  Some have planted flower bulbs in individual pots which they will take home at a later date. Others have thrown wellies to see who could throw them the furthest and all have enjoyed playing in the playground. 

Week commencing 19th September- Blue week

The children have had great fun using blue paint for string paintings as well as crepe paper, glitter paper and card for creative collages!  The Hippo Group went on a Treasure Hunt in the playground and meadow searching for colourful objects.  We enjoyed reading a variety of themed books, for example, What Shall We Do, Blue Kangaroo?
We have played outside with bats, balls and hoops when it has been warm enough.  We want to make the most of the outside learning environment whilst the weather is kind to us!

Summer Term- Summer

Week commencing 4th July- Summer Concert

What a fantastic concert, travelling on the Little Crickets bus to the farm, the beach, the garden and then back home!!  The children performed amazingly and all of the staff and parents were so incredibly proud of them.  They sang their hearts out, recited poems beautifully and spoke their words very clearly.  Well done!
  • Week commencing 27th June- Things that Grow
This week, the soon-to-be Leavers have chatted a lot about moving on to Big School.  Some of them have brought in their uniform, lots of them have been for practise mornings at their new schools and they have all enjoyed talking about their new teachers, friends and routines.  The Hedgehogs and Ducks looked at a huge tomato plant and thought about what plants need in order to grow.  Some of the children also tasted yummy fresh spinach!  The Ducks made lovely tomato plant pictures!

  • Week commencing 20th June- Summer Minibeasts
The children have really enjoyed completing a variety of art and craft activities, as well as reading books about, and hunting outside for, minibeasts.  We have all loved using the sand tray at play time and running after hoops and balls in the sunshine!
  • Week commencing 13th June- Father's Day
It has been a fun-filled week talking about the Daddies and why they are all so special.  We have read books about Daddies and painted pictures of them.  The children have been extremely busy decorating paper ties, creating footprint poems and writing information about their special Daddies!  Happy Father's Day for Sunday!

  • Week commencing 6th June- The Queen's Birthday
We have had a very royal week celebrating the Queen turning 90!  We have decorated sparkly gold crowns, completed running races and played with the parachute and balls outside.  We even had a yummy royal snack on gold plates!  Some of us created a bejewelled birthday cake for Her Majesty too!

  • Week commencing 23rd May- At the Seaside
It's our second week on holidaying at the seaside and the children have been so creative!  Amongst other things, beach huts have been designed, crabby pictures decorated and painted, and glittery rainbow fish made.  There has been lots of outside play too as the sun has been shining!
  • Week commencing 16th May- At the Seaside
During Seaside week, the children have counted and eaten ice cream cones, played in the sand pit and made sailing boat pictures.  The Hippos also played with musical instruments to help with their counting.
  • Week commencing 9th May- Outside activities in Summer
We love picnics and barbeques in Summer!  The Ducks cooked sausages on the BBQ and everyone ate them for snack time!  The Dragons and Hippos had fun completing their obstacle races in the sunshine!

  • Week commencing 2nd May- Summer Clothes
The children enjoyed pegging summer clothes on a washing line!  They counted how many items there were and discussed what colours they were. Some children also made beautiful sparkly flip flops.

  • Week commencing 25th April- Summer animals

This week, all the children have learnt about animals that are born in the warm Spring and Summer months.  We have completed arty activities about lambs and piglets, as well as chatting about foals, calves, ducklings and many more animal babies.  We have made the most of the lovely sunny days by learning outside and playing with the hoops, balls and little vehicles on the grassy area.

  • Week commencing 19th April- The Four Seasons and the Weather
We have been busy looking at the different seasons and weather this week.  Lots of children have decorated paper trees and real branches with crepe paper spring blosson and green leaves.  We have enjoyed the sunnier days outside.  We have cooked yummy apricot cookies, started learning French and celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday!  We will also have a Street Party in June!

  • Week commencing 11th April- Settling In

It has been exciting to welcome some new children to Little Crickets this week.  Everyone has spent a lot of time outside enjoying the first glimpses of sunshine!  We will start our new topic, Summer, next week!
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